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Pembroke Dock: Town Council discusses clerk’s resignation over bullying

AT A MEETING of Pembroke Dock Town Council this week, emotions ran high as members tried to persuade the town clerk, who had earlier offered her resignation, to stay on.

Cllr Brian Hall offered a vote of confidence in Sarah Scourfield, which members supported unanimously. But some councillors have been accused of hypocrisy by Deputy Mayor Cllr Gordon Goff, as some of those who have offered their support are the same members who are accused of bullying, the reason for her resignation.

Mrs Scourfield, who has been town clerk for eight years, said that the constant harassment and bullying behaviours and pressure received from certain councillors had “pushed her into making the decision” to quit.

The Herald understands that Mrs Scourfield is the second clerk to resign over alleged bullying, her predecessor, Moira Saunders having resigned for similar reasons.

County Cllr Paul Dowson (Left) attended the meeting and wanted answers

At the October 5 meeting, Pembroke Dock Central county councillor Paul Dowson, who was attending in his capacity as a member of the public asked: “Given that this is the second allegation of bullying within Pembroke Dock Town Council; what processes have been put in place after the first allegation, and why did they fail this time?”

Another member of public who was watching the meeting, Mr. John Lloyd asked: “This is absolutely disgraceful from a body of people that we have voted for; we are losing a principled person; are the councillors concerned resigning on the matter? People that bully other people should be asked to resign; it is not something that should condoned and allowed to continue, and it has happened on a previous occasion

However, was told that none of the alleged bullies had offered their resignation.

Following the public meeting, the matter was further discussed in a private and confidential session lasting 90 minutes.

Councillors at the meeting said they have, “believe it or not”, tried to tackle bullying in the past.

Personnel committee member Cllr Dilys Burrell said it was “looking in to all these things” to “see what we can put in place to stop this happening again”.