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Pembrokeshire urged to ‘turn down the volume’

PEMBROKESHIRE residents and businesses are being encouraged to ‘turn down the volume’ as part of Noise Action Week, which runs from Monday, May 22-27.

Noise Action Week works to raise awareness of noise problems and provide solutions by working with those involved in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality industry together with offering advice to residents.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Licensing & Pollution Control Team will be liaising with businesses directly to help forge better relations with neighbours so venues can survive and thrive.

Householders will also be urged to guard against barking dogs and being mindful of neighbours whilst socialising outdoors in their gardens.

“Live music provides enjoyment for many and is part of our culture for people of all ages however noise disputes involving live music and neighbours are common,” said Pembrokeshire County Council’s Pollution Control Team Lead Officer Nathan Miles.

“Noise Action Week can be used to make sure venues and musicians are responsible neighbours, and neighbours near venues accept a reasonable amount of noise.

“It’s about fostering good relations.”

Those affected by excessive noise can download a Noise App which is a quick and easy way of recording noise that is becoming a nuisance.

More information about the Noise App can be found at