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County Councillor can’t bring himself to vote at the general election

Paul Dowson at the 2017 election count: At Sir Thomas Picton School (pic: The Herald)

A NEWLY elected member of Pembrokeshire County Council has taken to social media to say that he will not be voting at the general election.

County Councillor Paul Dowson, who scraped into a seat in Pembroke Dock Central ward by just a few votes, and who says that he is a firm believer that every vote counts, has admitted that he cannot be comfortable with voting for any party on June 8.

In the Facebook rant on the Pembrokeshire Council Watch group, he said today (May 16): “I am a big advocate for not wasting a vote, especially since winning my own campaign by just four votes.

“Having said this I will technically be wasting my vote in the general election. There isn’t one party I would be comfortable voting for.

“Tories are exactly as majority of people say and could someone like me ever associate myself with that brand of politics. Elitist toffs with no sense of what the real world is about. Crap leader and no one with an ounce of leadership essentials waiting in the wings

“Labour have gone from being a down to earth hard working persons party. To a bunch of molly coddled PC obsessed gang of spineless liberal hippies.

“Corbyn makes me want to shake him and give him the back of my hand. Has about 10% of the required elements to justify his existence as a Man! The other 90% are definitely girl or hippy derived.

“I think Mr Tierney is a good candidate but would not vote for him because of the labour party lacking courage. Sorry Marc.

“Liberal Democrats …yeah right.

“UKIP. .. Brilliant principles right ideas tick most of my boxes..

“Farage though not a hope wrong leader unvotable.

“The remainder of the parties… What benefits would there be for voting for a party with no hope?”

Cllr Dowson concluded: “I guess in my situation I have to waste my vote.”

The candidates for the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire ward are Alistair Cameron, Welsh Liberal Democracts, Phil Edwards, UKIP Wales, Simon Hart, Welsh Conservative Party, Abi Thomas, Plaid Cymru The Party of Wales, Mac Tierney, Welsh Labour.

Speaking to The Herald, Cllr Downson said: “I am not a politician and I do not want to be a politician. I believe strongly in using your vote so I’d rather vote for a party I can trust than one I can’t trust.
“I couldn’t not use my vote but it will be for one of the political parties I personally have no faith in. I voted for Blair’s Labour, I voted for Thatcher even though I didn’t agree with all they stood for, but at the time they had good points. I disagree with a lot of the main parties’ attitudes and policies… granted all sides have points I believe in.
“I’m a councillor whose job it is to serve my people, not my people and my party. I am independent for that very reason – it shouldn’t matter which political party I support or don’t support, I’m not splitting my loyalties at this close to the people level.
“I support and serve the people of my ward regardless of my views on Corbyn or Farage or May (is she James May’s sister?). There are those who have started trolling me because of this but this is why I avoid politics – best leave that to the politicians. I make no apology for what I think about party leaders, it’s better to quote the truth than to quote a party statement.
“I have no idea why there are a handful of people who can’t accept that my loyalties are with my community and that I have my own opinions on political parties… I value my right to vote that should be the issue here not who I will vote for.”