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Wife of former Mayor falsely convicted

Peter and Doris Kraus: Charges have been formally dismissed

AN OVERSIGHT by the Department for Work and Pensions led to a Pembroke Dock woman being falsely convicted of claiming over £13,000 in benefits.

Mrs Doris Kraus, wife of former Mayor of Pembroke Dock, Cllr Peter Kraus, was accused of claiming the money whilst out of work.

She has since repaid the £13,335.02 that she received and in November, she received a discharge from the courts.

However, at an appeal at Swansea Crown Court on Friday, March 24, it was revealed that Mrs Doris Kraus had in fact contacted the DWP to notify them of a change in her circumstances.

Due to the findings, all charges against Mrs Kraus have been formally dismissed.

The case was picked up both locally and nationally but Doris is relieved that she no longer has a criminal record.
The money that was paid back has since been returned to Mrs Kraus.

Speaking to the Herald, Mrs Kraus said: “This has affected us very badly for a number of months. It happened last August and since then I didn’t go through the front door. It was only last week that I went into Pembroke Dock for the first time.

“Peter has been doing the shopping for us but he has had to take me to Kilgetty or Haverfordwest. It’s just been a nightmare and I wasn’t sleeping.

“It’s affected my daughters as well, as they have raised money for me, I didn’t ask them to and that has been on my conscience. It’s been a total nightmare.

“I’ve had lovely comments from people and nobody believed that I had done such a thing but thankfully now it is all over.

“It wasn’t very nice being put up on the front page but now the DWP are doing their best to try and find out where the blame lies.

“I’m just glad it’s all over.”