Under sand heating to warm up Newgale beach year-round

(Please note – this was posted on April 1, 2017, as an April Fool’s joke)

NEWGALE BEACH is set to have under sand heating installed to make it an all year round holiday destination.

In a new pilot scheme being trialled in Pembrokeshire, heating company Heating Force Cymru has been commissioned to install specially designed underfloor heating and heating outlets across the popular tourist beach.

The project, which begins today (Apr 1), will include the installation of two large commercial gas boilers to be placed under the shingle bank tidal barrier, 30 heating outlets and metres of underfloor heating pipework installed to the main beach area.

This heating will enable the beach to keep at a constant temperature of between 18-23 degrees throughout the year.

Heating Force Cymru’s Director, Simon Foxhall said: ”Having explored a variety of options for this area we are delighted to announce our plans for gas heating across the beach at Newgale.

“Subject to the pilot scheme analysis, we are hoping to roll the project out to other Pembrokeshire beaches over the next 18 months. Given the ever changing Welsh weather we think this will enhance the beach users experience even on days of inclement weather.

“We are exceptionally proud to have been chosen for this project and look forward to supporting Pembrokeshire as an all year round holiday destination!”